Thursday 8 March 2012

Book Club Cake of the Month...February

This month (OK last month) we read 'The Observations' by Jane Harris.
The book is written from the view point of Bessy, who happens upon a 'castle' (farm) in need of a house keeper. She has a dubious past that is sooo tragic, but her wit and humour prevent it ever becoming depressing. She works for  Arabella ('Missus'), a beautiful but equally tragic figure with her own secrets.
We all really enjoyed this book and it got 8-81/2 from everyone.
However, for some reason, it didn't really make for the most interesting discussion we have had. Sometimes the books that work less well elicit the best response. That said I would definitely recommend it, as it is pacy, witty and intriguing. The reason I liked it so much, was that I continually changed my opinion of Arabella. I dislike stories where I form an impression of a character and it is consistent to the end, I like to be challenged on my prejudices and kept on my toes, all of which this book gave me.

As for the cake, I was once again frantic with other work. At one point Bessy eats a cone of hokey pokey. So that is what I made, using Nigella's recipe. It literally took me five minutes and went down a storm.

The next book on our list is 'War of the Worlds'

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  1. Never knew that caramelized candy bark is nicknamed "hokey pokey"...or am I getting it all wrong? Anyway, it looks yummy!