Saturday 17 March 2012

Pokemon party #1

Well this post is only a month late! Not too shabby for me you may agree (or not). 

Parties are getting trickier as the kidlets get bigger, and I have to relinquish my design control (not easy for me to do!). As anyone who has worked with me can confirm, I like to be in control. My heart sank when big kidlet decided on a Pokemon theme (not at all inspiring). They are not the easiest characters to turn into something pretty and unique. Also big kidlet has become increasingly demanding in her participation, so I had to let her lead the crafting. There were further complications when a cooking party was also requested.

Anyway I have many pictures of the day festering in my "photos to edit file"so I have split the post into two with a bonus pinata tutorial on it's way too.

This post is dedicated to the party decorations.

As the party guests were making most of their own food, I couldn't really design a dessert table.

So I packaged up the ingredients for the cupcakes, they were to make, gave them Pokemon names and used these as decoration. Big kidlet made the bunting and illustrated the lesson plan.

Of course I couldn't host a party with out my signature iced gems (when does a dish that you make constantly because it is so easy, become a signature dish?)
I also made some chocolate pocky sticks (because of the name obviously).

The cake was made in a speedy half an hour, so probably is not very representative of my work. And to be honest I felt I had cheated the party girl. She, however, was absolutely delighted and ushered her first guest in to see it immediately. The guest gave a big sigh, looked at kidlet and said;
"You're so lucky to have a cake like that!"
I felt very happy!

The party bags were designed and made by big kidlet, and contained her own mix CD, a Pokemon cookie (each guest had a different one chosen by the party girl), Japanese sweets, a Pokemon figure and a felt head band by the fabulous Heartfelt Handmade.

I don't think I can add much more. I will get the next batch of photos edited asap and you can see the party in full swing soon.



  1. thet are growing up and taking control....some!!!

  2. You have done remarkably well with your subject material! Not the most inspiring and yet you have created a great looking table, and I can imagine that the girls all loved it! The cookies alone must have caused great excitement. You really knocked the cake up in half an hour??

  3. Looks like the coolest party EVER!