Monday 19 March 2012

Pokemon party #2

Time for the second post with the party was in full swing, and what did we find for the kidlets to make this year?
Well it was a cooking party, so first up we had all the guest decorate an apron. I had already drawn free-hand the chosen Pokemon and then each girl coloured it in using fabric pens.
We then had a photoshoot with everyone in their apron.

 Then everyone had their own bowl to mix up some cupcakes, I gave them each different coloured cases so there was no disagreements about whose was whose.

 We also made pizzas. I had made the bases the day before and froze them. The kidlets then spread tomato sauce and added toppings.
This was their party tea, along with copious amounts of hula hoops!

After pizza we made ice cream using the shakey bag method. It did work really well and ice cream duly  appeared in minutes. However due to some over excessive shaking there were leakages and some party guest had very salty ice cream. 
This put everyone off, even those with the delicious ice.
I would do it again, but I would use a Tupperware box to hold the milk mixture. 

After pass the parcel and the pinata, we finished off by decorating the cupcakes to take home.

And finally a very large glass of wine for both parents!
pinata tutorial soon.

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  1. Looks like a great party. I'm intrigued by salty icecream, so off to investigate your 'shakey method'!