Thursday 24 February 2011


Well not so much of a cake and more of a bread.

This month we were discussing 'Your Presence Is Requested At Suvanto' by Maile Chapman.  I have to admit it wasn't my favourite book we have read, but we did have a very good discussion.  The story unfolds in a Finnish Sanatorium during the 1920's.  We have three choices every month and the book that the majority pick is the one we read.  I picked this because I was assuming it would be a Finnish 'Tender Is The Night' wasn't!
The story, we all agreed, would make a great film because it is so atmospheric and describes the Finnish landscape in all it's wintery bleakness.  It got an average of 6, so not the most popular, but if you are in a book club it makes for an interesting exchange.
And now onto the cake.  This was a great book for cake ideas as the women do like their treats.  I plumped for Pulla, a Finnish sweet bread with cardomon.  I used this recipe.

It was very easy to make and I made three loaves from this recipe.  Big kidlet loved it and breakfasted on the spare loaves for a week!

Next month we are discussing 'A Prayer For Owen Meany'.  I haven't started it yet but my book club has become a real highlight for me, so I'm looking forward to hearing the other opinions.


  1. Your bread looks/sounds delicious!

  2. Oh Pulla is seriously the most delicious bread ever. I have and old recipe from my kindergarten teacher (many years ago :) and I love to make it. Thanks for the post! You re-inspired me to bake it!