Monday 8 August 2011

Book Club Cake of the Month....July

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear! The last few books have been something of a disappointment and this month's was no exception. Even though I did post here that I was going to love July's book. I was in tears by page 17, unfortunately it all went down hill from there.
I'm sure I've explained before but each host picks three books and we have a vote on which one to read.  This month I was the host and I wanted something lighter and less philosophical.  I  tweeted a request for recommendations, and, from them picked The Help ( which I've since read and was fantastic) and The Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Society (which I intend to read). However the third choice (which everyone went for) was all my own. I'd heard fascinating discussions on the radio about it and read dazzling reviews.
The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson, was the winner of  last years Booker Prize.
It was very disappointing!
We decided that if you are a self obsessed aging male academic you may enjoy it...unfortunately none of my book group are. (One of us is cake obsessed, but mention no names.)
Julian Treslove, the protagonist, is not Jewish but is very concerned with Jewishness and thinks, for no real discernible reason he may be a Jew. To begin with it is an interesting premise, but by the end really tedious. A few of the group didn't even bother finishing it.  We gave it a collective four out of ten.

I toyed with baking  a traditional Jewish dish (loshken pudding maybe) but I ran out of time so I whipped up some muffins.
At one point in the book Treslove is watching a small child eat mashed bananas and drained peaches.  I added mashed bananas and chopped peaches to the muffins and put a peach slice on the top of each one before baking.
The cakes were recieved much better than the book!
Next month (well September) is Trespass by Rose Tremain. Let's just wait and see!
ps, I know it's nectarines in the photo but it's all I had!

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  1. sorry about the book...but I really prefer nectarines to peaches...just thought that you might like to know!