Friday 30 December 2011

Mystery cake recipe

Hello all, is your Christmas going well? Here at Amelie's House we have been having a super time. I have put on a stone, mostly in chocolate and paprika crisps! But the New Year is just around the corner with all it's resolutions and diets. Before we get there though I thought I would try and quickly whip up a recipe for a New Year's Eve treat. It's still a mystery what I am making so you have to trust me. This is the first stage, a simple sponge cake.
As it is the holidays, I have little people helping me, I don't normally put up photo's of them but this one insisted on joining in!

Here he is buttering the baking tray and adding 200g of sugar and butter into the bowl.

Then he kindly creamed the  butter and sugar together and added four large eggs.

Being careful of his paws he grated the zest of a lime into the mix and beat it all together.

He sifted 200g of self raising flour into the bowl and folded it in with a large spoon.

He got a little camera shy at this point, you can't see the photo, but he added three tablespoons of lemonade and mixed that in well. Then, regaining his composure, he poured the cake mix into a lined baking tray and cooked at 170C (with the fan), 200C without, for 25 mins. Then left the cake to cool on a cooling tray.

Of course you have to sample the cake to make sure the taste is good....and it was.

I shall be back soon with the second part of the recipe (hopefully I can loose the bunny!)


  1. I think I know that bunny....he could be trouble!!! cake looks yummy though.

  2. ^_^ oh my! that was one very cute bunny!!

  3. Oh! soo cute that little bunny & a great baker as well *^