Thursday 22 December 2011

Christmas confections

Remember I said I was thinking of a Christmas version of the mushrooms?
Well here they are, magic toadstools. They were one element to go into my package of Christmas confections this year.
Would you like to see more?...Ok here you go!

Joyful cookies.

Christmas cake baubles.

Gingerbread pocky (a very delicious way to use up gingerbread house offcuts!)


  1. I feel tired just looking at how much lovely work you've been creating! Of course, I like the magic toadstools the best. :)

  2. toadstools are awsome, and i like baubles alot!!!

  3. I love the toadstools - I am mad on including them in Christmas Decorations (not real of course!). Did you see Raymond Blanc Christmas Feast with the Buche Noel and mini toadstools and then the chocolate forest with big buche and meringue mushrooms - gorgeous. The Scandinavian style cookies are amazing too!