Friday 9 December 2011

Poke London's 10th birthday

Earlier this week I was involved in the fabulous celebrations for Poke London's 10th birthday. Miss Cakehead and I came up with seven (yes seven!) different dessert tables to represent some of their campaigns, including Orange ( an infinite rainbow cake and balloonacy), Sykpe (two cakes skyping each other)and the Global Rich List (bling your cupcake). It was great fun as Poke are amazingly creative, so we could let our imaginations go wild. 
I baked all the cakes. There were about 150 eggs, 10000g butter and enough icing sugar to cover my house! (Kooky Bakes made the macarons and Crumbs and Doilies the cupcakes, well I couldn't quite manage everything!) I also made a 10 pinata but forgot to take pictures of it.
(And yes, it is supposed to be a cow pat!)