Sunday 30 January 2011


Sorry that I wasn't around last week, I was busy sorting out cupboards and doing taxes etc.
So I'm catching up with all the posts that have been hiding in my camera memory.
I shall start, of course, with some nice food!

I had a morning brunch for some girlfriends the week of my birthday and went a little bit Martha.
As I was trying to lose a bit of weight before the big day I went for some healthier options rather than a fry up.
I made a lovely fruit salad and had some Greek yogurt and seed to go on top.  I baked a loaf of spelt bread the day before and roasted figs as a topping with some ricotta, honey and walnuts.  So easy to do and very gorgeous.

We had freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee with healthy muffins.  I had also made some cereal bars but we were too stuffed to even try them.  It was a very delightful morning.

The photos aren't great I'm afraid as the light was appalling and I was in a real rush.  However Mr Lemon Drizzle was kind enough to treat me to a new camera for my birthday.  So I have gone from a fairly basic point and shoot compact to a lovely Panasonic Lumix fz35, which I took out on my birthday lunch.  

We went to The Grove a lovely hotel near us (very footballers wives).  They have three restaurants, one of which, The Glass House has a running buffet.  the food was amazing.

 I tried my best to sample everything but didn't quite make it.  I managed to take some pics for you (mostly of the puddings which were fabulous) but as I just received the camera that day I hadn't read the manual (still haven't)  so they are not quite right.  I need a few weeks to teach myself all the different functions, I'll really understand it just in time to upgrade!

Anyway I need to go and iron school clothes...I know, me and my glamorous life.

If you have time pop over to therikrakstudio where they are holding a handmade Olympics.  You can nominate yourself and one other person for each category.
Whats stopping you? Go on...right now! (Oh bossy!)
 See you soon!


  1. wow!!! Everything looks delicious:)yummy!

  2. I love the first pic of the table with the piano in the backround....takes me back.

  3. What a great Birthday present! Your breakfast looks gorgeous xx

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