Friday 14 December 2012

Yummy mince pies

Your mincemeat should be nicely matured and ready to break out of the jar. So I thought I would share a mince pie recipe. 
My Gran was a real Lancashire lass and a fabulous baker, she was amazing at pastry, I can still taste her meat and potato pie. However, I have always found pastry really difficult to make, although it should be in my genes! This all changed when I got a fabulous recipe in a free baking booklet, and now every time I make pastry I have to elicit comments on how amazing it is (to much rolling of eyes). I have tweaked it a little as it was originally a savoury pastry recipe. Here's my secret trick to making this pastry Granny-Snape-fabulous, 10-15 minutes before you start, put a beaker of water in the freezer, so that it really is ice cold.

I forgot to add that you should rub the flour and fat together with your fingers until they are like fine breadcrumbs. I hope you really enjoy your mince pies, you can download the recipe here, and the mince meat recipe here

I had to wait a day for the light to return to take pictures of the final products and these three pies were all that was left! (I won't admit to how many I ate)


  1. Would it be strange (from a British person's perspective) to top the mince pies with a lid of marzipan instead of pastry and then bake as usual?

  2. Anne says.....they're here Syd!!!

  3. seventytypesofbiscuit that sounds delicious, marzipan is very Christmassy! xx

  4. I was at a meeting this week and someone had brought in the most delicious mince pies I've ever had- the pastry was just wonderful so I'm going to try this one this weekend as my pastry always falls short, waaay short actually!
    BH x

  5. Thanks for sharing - I am hopeless at pastry, I almost always resort to shop bought ... perhaps this will change things ...