Saturday 29 December 2012

Homemade Irish Cream recipe

Well Christmas has come and gone, and, as I look back on the Holiday season I see myself not so much as a celebrant, but more of a nurse! So I am hoping that the New Year's bash holds promise of more fun and that I don't succumb to the virus that has rampaged through the rest of my family. Please don't worry about me though, I am successfully staving it off with a mixture of echinacea and advocaat!
If , like us, you are going to a New Year's Eve party, you may be thinking about taking a hostess gift with you, and I have the perfect one for you here. This recipe for Irish cream was given to me about 25 years ago by a vicar, and has been made nearly every year since. It always goes down a storm and, even if you are not a fan of the commercial stuff, I promise, you will love this. It is so easy to make, taste like heaven, and you must keep the biggest bottle for yourself.
You can use any alcohol you prefer but it must have a rich flavour, so scotch, brandy or rum are really the best.

(It will last up to two months if you keep refrigerated.)
You can download the recipe here.

Have a really lovely New Year's Eve Party (or a snugly night in if that's your preference).



  1. This looks DELICIOUS!! The addition of melted chocolate is just so decadent and yummy :)

  2. Emmm.....I've finished my was wonderful!! will have to think about getting the stuff in for some more.....nothing like a good Irish Cream sitting in front of the fire and eating chocs!

  3. My family all got the dreaded lurgi, apart from a handful of us, so we'll be having Christmas lunch, at new year.
    Have a Happy new year Natasha, hope to manage another workshop during 2013 :-)
    Sharon x