Wednesday 19 December 2012

How to decorate your Christmas cake

If you haven't made your Christmas cake yet, don't worry, there is still time. You can find my recipe here
But maybe you have already made it, and you are wondering how to decorate it, or maybe you want to spice up a plain shop bought cake. Worry no more, as I have the perfect (and quick) way to bring some cheer to your Christmas table. Why not adorn your cake of fruity goodness with this cute snowman snow globe?
It really is very quick to do and is bound to elicit much ooohing and ahhing from your guests.
It's all in picture instructions, as I find it the easiest way to show what I mean.
You will need some modelling paste (mix 1 teaspoon of gum trag with 250g of fondant, knead together for 10 mins and leave overnight) a  medium sized paintbrush (size 8) and a small one for outlines ( size 0), a palatte  boiled water, kitchen roll and colours (egg yellow, baby blue, dark brown, pink).
You can download the template here.
Here's how it's done!

Covering your cake

Making your snow globe

Painting your snow globe

 Rectifying mistakes

Finish off with a nice big bow and maybe a few decorative snowflake sprinkles.


  1. It is stunning you clever thing! x

  2. Lovely! Brilliant step by step guide.

  3. ...lunas
    de miel
    con luz
    y mi piel
    del contraluz
    a Navidad
    con paz
    y felicidad
    NATASHA para tí...

    desde mis Blogs Horas Rotas y Aula de Paz
    venturoso AÑO 2013.


  4. Thank you Natasha, and Merry Christmas.