Tuesday 9 October 2012

Painted rose and hydrangea wedding cake

I made this cake last weekend for a really lovely couple who wanted a cake to reflect their wedding flowers but asked for my creative input too. I love having freedom to add elements that I think will compliment the bride and grooms choice, it makes for a lovely collaboration.

They also requested the bird toppers, but wanted to keep them as a memento of their day. So I placed the birdies on their own board, which was just sitting on top of the cake, and added a nest of hydrangea flowers for them to cuddle into.
I had a hydrangea cutter so I painted the fondant first and then cut them out, leaving them to dry for a day before they went on the cake. I decided to add some 3D interest to the cake so I included some of the cut out flowers on the sides.

They also wanted cupcakes to use not just as favours but also name places. The cupcakes didn't have to match the cake exactly but needed to have the same feel and vintagey colours. 
I did some simpler versions for the children attending the wedding.

This is a picture taken on the day by  Rosewarne Cox Photography, isn't it gorgeous? (The picture, not the cake!) You can see more sneak peeks of the lovely bride and groom here.


  1. This is really beautiful!!! I'm sure your clients were VERY pleased. :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the way you created dimension with the hydrangeas. The painting is exceptional, as always, but that little touch is really lovely and fun. Nikki from Tikkido.

  3. So gorgeous and I just love the style of your personalized cupcakes

  4. IMPRESIONANTE!!!!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful job!!!