Thursday 4 October 2012

A tale of two cookies

I have an old Martha Stewart magazine with the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. I make it each time I have class, as a great afternoon snack for my students. However, it is also great baked in a cake tin to make a giant chocolate chip cookie. 
I had a request for a birthday cake recently that needed to be posted. I have tried this before, and, unless it is fruit cake, it is a massive gamble (one I normally lose). So, instead, I made a giant cookie that I covered with fondant and painted. The recipient was a fan of my work and her pal had organised this surprise...what a sweet friend!

This cookie was unadorned, and was for a very good friend who has been having chemotherapy. I can never find the right words to say in these situations (I leave that to another friend who always asks and says the right thing, but she is trained!) so I thought I would make a cake for each chemo session she has had. This is the last one and I went for a giant cookie, mainly because that's what I would want, and I can't think of a better time to eat it all yourself without feeling guilty.
I did try and package it nicely though.
Sorry I am just going to have to write giant one more time as it is amusing me...giant!



  1. What a good idea and a kind, thoughtful gift too! xx

  2. I am so absolutely in love with your painting talent. I love every design you paint. Like you cookie cake idea for posting. Hope I will remember that when the time comes. It's a very nice gesture too. God bless.
    Veena from
    Veena's Art of Cakes.

  3. wow your painted cake are perfect *-*
    now I follow you :) bye bye