Tuesday 30 October 2012

Anatomical afternoon tea

Sorry that I have been MIA for a while. I have been busy with lots of different projects including Eat Your Heart Out last weekend. I feel like I have spent the last month painting blood and gore and am very much looking forward to designing something pretty.
However, before then I have lots of gory pictures to share with you and, I suppose, with Halloween tomorrow now is the perfect time. I will post pictures of the fabulous cakes at EYHO soon, but first a spin off event.
Miss Cakehead and myself were asked to host an anatomy afternoon tea party at the Google offices in London for ten brave souls.

I brought red blood cell iced gems and meringue bile.

Chocolate ganache stool samples, they did take some persuading to tuck into this!

The scab scones were made by Leshie Loves Cake and I mixed clotted cream with gooseberry jam and called it phlegm. (It's all in the name really give someone a cherry scone with cream and jam and it sounds so innocent!)

My gruesome severed toes and red blood cell cakes by Denise Bakes Cakes.

Icing sugar spleen (apparently a real disease) cupcakes and human cell truffle from Leshie Loves Cakes and chocolate vertebrae from Sarah Hardy Cakes. I made the marshmallow cotton buds.

I decide to make a blackened lung cake instead of a cookie. It was coffee and brandy. I decorated it with some cookie cigarettes!
It was a fun night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves and if they felt a bit sick it was only because they ate too much cake!

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