Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Owl and ladybird party

(Finally! It has only taken me a month to get these pictures together for you.)

So, at the beginning of September, my littlest kidlet turned five and requested a party full of owls and ladybirds. I wanted to steer clear of red ladybirds and brown owls, so I went for a white and pastel colour scheme.
Obviously the kidlets wanted to be as involved as possible, though I am always torn between being a good Mummy and letting them help, and my creative side, which wants to do it all myself. They have started to get a little bit bossy though and one morning, before I awoke, came up with a party invite design themselves. While I admire their initiative I had to put my foot down, as their concept didn't fit in with the grand scheme, so I produced a design the kidlets could stick together for me, and was acceptable.
I had them cut out the leaves for the banners and help as I sewed them together on the sewing machine, they paper mached the pinata and ladybirds, and decorated the party bags (under close supervision!) 

We spent a few months buying up any owl knick-knacks we found in charity shops and then sprayed them white. 
Fortuitously the week before the party the council cut down a tree outside our house and we managed to snag a gorgeous log for decoration.

Of course the cake had to be an owl, although it was very simple as I didn't have too much time to spare.

We also had ladybird cupcakes and cake pops, and my old party favourite, iced gems.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I sent the party guests outside for much of the time with mini bug catchers and bubbles. Then there were owl and ladybird masks to colour in. We also had pass-the-parcel and musical bumps and statues.

The party bags included a fabulous felt owl from Heartfelt Handmade, a mini bug catcher, ladybird rubbers and a painted owl cookie, (you can see the how-to paint your own here.)

And not forgetting an owl pinata, I will post the how-to soon.

Little kidlet had a fabulous party and big kidlet would like it to be known that she was the helper (and she was very helpful too)!
Mr LD also chipped in and raided the kidlet's bedroom for toy owls (there are alot... it took some time, although I suspect he was hiding form the party planners!). We hid them around the room for the party guests to spot.

I really love planning parties for my little ones, but I can see the day coming soon when they will want trips to the cinema or bowling alley instead.
Until then I shall keep on planning,  two 2012 parties are already in their early stages, hurray!


  1. I hope that 'owl be seeing you soon!
    Brilliant party.

  2. This is wonderful, beautiful party!!!♥

  3. Love all the owls -- what fun! It's evident that you enjoy creating! :)

  4. This is all so pretty. You have gone to so much effort, what a wonderful memory your daughter will have of her birthday. I you'd like to, I would love if you would share this post at my blog party this weekend. Hope you can make it.

  5. This is truly wonderful - you are amazingly talented and creative!