Tuesday 18 October 2011

Lardy cake recipe

OK, not so much of a recipe, more a collection of things that you can throw together and create yumminess!

This is my family's recipe, handed down from generation to generation, but I can pretty much guarantee that most baking families will have a version of this in their arsenal.

It's not a recipe you make especially, it's more a delicious way to use up leftover pastry. You can use any pastry you have, sweet, savoury, puff, flaky, it's all good. (I must admit to making extra pastry though, just so there is enough over for lardy cake).
My Dad is a bit of a pie maker, given any stressful family situation you can find my parents fighting it out for kitchen space, my Mum to make jam and my Dad to bake a pie. this is how they chill!
My Gran was a fabulous pastry maker too, I only cracked the technique while in my forth decade, and I still get a flush of pride (and surprise) when my pies come out airy and crisp.

You will need; pastry, butter, dried fruit (whatever is in your store cupboard), granulated sugar, dark brown sugar and milk.

Roll out the pastry, don't worry about making a perfect circle or having smooth edges, this is rustic!

Butter a baking tray and place the pastry on top.

Scatter the fruit brown sugar and knobs of butter over one side of the pastry.

Brush milk around the edge of the pastry and fold the unadorned side over the fruit.

Press down with your fingers to seal the edge. Make two cuts in the top.

Brush the top with milk and scatter over some sugar.
I bake at 200 c for about 15mins but it will depend on your oven. It's ready when the pastry is cooked and a lovely golden brown.

Wait as long as you can bear for it to cool before you cut it up and taste. This is a dish that never makes it off the tray onto a plate...it never lasts that long. Every time you enter the kitchen you have to have a little slice, sometimes with a bit of butter spread onto the top.

What did your Granny make with her left over pastry? Something just as delicious I'm sure!



  1. Oh look...Anne Snape is dancing a waltz all round the kitchen! ....lovely bubbly!

  2. Looks lush and just right for the chilly waeather that has arrived, will defo make it this weekend. My Granny used to make little bacon and egg pies with left over pastry - yum!!
    twiggy x

  3. Thanks for sharing :-} what a fun blog!

    xx Lorraine xx

  4. That looks good! My family puts shredded cheddar on leftover pastry dough and rolls it up into a log, which is then cut into slices and baked. We call them cheese rolls and they never last long!