Wednesday 8 June 2011

Inspiration part two

So, in the same week as yesterday's cake, I was given this card by a friend.

She wanted a cutting cake and cupcake tower based on the design.  She also wanted some bunting, a '40' and a birthday message.

I love the thrill of thinking up ideas to fit into a brief.  It's great to be free to go my own way but I also like having limitations set on me, it actually can make me more creative and stops lazy thinking. (I could have said 'it makes me think outside the box', but I'm not taking part in "The Apprentice")
When I was a textile designer I painted lots of ditsy prints and so I was excited to be given this reference.  The joy of ditsys is that they don't have to match perfectly, it's fun to have different styles and colours. 

 They also don't have to be all over designs, I painted some bunches for the cupcake toppers and also sprigs.  I liked the cherry too so I incorporated that.
Having snippets of the prints on the bunting and bunting on some of the cupcake toppers helped tie the whole theme together.

This is another cake I really enjoyed making...I hope that you are enjoying sharing them with me too!


  1. This is beautiful! Sounds like this is exactly what your friend was after. I think that being given a brief definitely inspires creativity as you want to meet the request and make that little bit more special than expected too!

  2. Amazing! You are so talented!

  3. What another absolutely beautiful cake! Thank you for sharing- your friend must have been delighted!

  4. I have loved looking at them. The cherry is just wonderful!

  5. Wow, both of these cakes are so beautiful I would never be able to cut into them! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Amazing work! I love the flag details going around the cake. ~Val

  7. Wow you made a wanderful work, those cakes are absolutely beautiful, I don't think I'll be able to eat them if they where in front of me, I'll be too afraid to spoil those beauties, but I'm sure I wont resist the temptention, I bet they taste delicious :D
    Have a nice day!!

  8. Just beautiful. Love the ditsy print in particular.

  9. Your cakes and cupcakes are always so unique and creative! These are really beautiful! Fab-u-lous!


  10. These are absolutely beautiful! :)