Friday 17 June 2011

Father's Day Download

This Sunday is Father's Day, a day to celebrate the (other) special man in your life.  He's a real man, he can fix a plug, put up shelves and make a fine chilli (not all at the same time of course!)
So what special treat to bake this man?  
Not a cupcake or a macaroon, not even a whoopie pie. 
This is a man who needs...flapjack!
Fortunately you can look here at yesterday's post  where you will find a lovely recipe for one.
"Wait!" I hear you cry.  "How can I make this sweet treat even more special?"
"I have just the thing" I reply. "Why not get the kidlets (or yourself) to colour in a lovely flapjack bar label?"
"Brilliant idea! You exclaim. "Why didn't I think of that first?"

So you first need to make the flapjack.

Butter and line your baking tray.

Put your ingredients to melt in the saucepan.

Heat them up until melted.

Add the oats and stir well.

Place the mixture in a tin and pat down with a spoon or your hands.

If the mood takes you why not add smarties?

Clear up by eating anything that has spilled, then get bored and leave it all to your mother.

Colour in the labels, and cut out.  Wrap the flapjack bars in grease proof paper and stick the label on the top.
And easy peasy lemon squeezey, a thoughtful gift for that wonderful Dad.
Right click on the picture above and save for a jpeg version.
Or you can download a pdf version here.

Enjoy your father's day treat with a nice cup of tea!


  1. vieni a trovarmi se ti va!

  2. Lovely blog , greeting from Belgium

  3. Damn - I'm too late reading this. I resorted to bought cake from M&S (oh the shame!). The Queen of Clean loves flapjack too.

    Will be saving the link for next year.