Tuesday 28 June 2011

Greetings, Loved Ones

I met the awesome Miss Cakehead today for an afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel in London.
We were discussing Cakey Perry and I was delivering some Snoop Dogg cookies for the press release.

She very kindly treated me to this gorgeous array of treats.

Their theme was Alice in Wonderland "down the rabbit hole" which we felt was a bit lack lustre and they could have made more off.  (We were being critics as we wanted to compare with the Cakey Perry experience.)  I loved the little bottle, but the toffee, lemon meringue and apple pie flavoured cream inside was too sickly. However the scones were a triumph.  The pink lollipop (raspberry I think) was delicious and the chocolate pop contained ice cream and popping candy. Gorgeous!  The other pastries were delicious too. And a lovely day was topped off by a glimpse of Trevor Eve (sorry all you not in UK but he is very gorgeous).

I had also made some cookie bling rings as a present for Miss CH.

If you are in London and fancy an amazing high tea experience you have three days left before the Cakey Perry tickets go up.  There is information here.

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