Wednesday 9 February 2011


We shall be having a party in our house this week to celebrate a certain someone's 7th birthday.  We have been planning this party for a year and collecting bits and bobs along the way.  Here's a little taster of the theme.

These are books that neither kidlet or her friends have ever heard of, let alone read, but I loved the covers and they remind me of my own misspent youth reading under the covers with a torch.
 I have never read Hideaway in the Hills but loved how gutsy the horse rider seems.  I would have wanted to be her when I was a child, just not on a horse.
I was forced to read Watership Down by my mother when I was at school even though I really wanted Tarka The Otter, that's what the cool kids were reading!  We went to see the film too, I still have nightmares!  (Love the Art Garfunkel song though.)
I'm sure I read the Enid Blyton story as I read nearly all of her 'cannon', but as all the stories merged into one (plucky children eat sandwiches, drink ginger beer, stumble upon bad guys being bad, discover a secret passage way and save the day) I couldn't say for sure if this particular one was on my shelf.  A shelf, by the way, which was organised alphabetically!  I also had a book to sign any novels out if friends wanted to borrow them.  I took my reading seriously then!
Little Women was one of my favourite books, I wanted to be Beth, everyone loved her and she was so good,  then either Amy (beautiful and artistic) or at a push Jo (spirited), but never Meg (boring!).  Now, considering my life, I think I've turned into a Meg and who ever aspired to be her? 
Anyway I shall be sharing more of the celebrations soon.

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  1. Mother's can be so pushy, don't you think Nini? hope you got over that!
    watership Down ....such a deep story!!