Sunday 6 February 2011

SOME ORANGEY GOODNESS (and a free download)

I know that many you live in totally different climates to me here in the grey, drizzly, and today, particularly windy UK.  So I'm not sure what season you are living through, but here it's marmalade making time!

How lovely in these dark days to be perked up by the citrusy zing and bright jewel colours of marmalade?

 Do you (like me) read fabulous foodie blogs where the writer has 'just come in from our local farmer's market'?  They have then proceeded to whip up a beautiful salad with pea shoots and heritage carrots, all photographed to perfection in their amazing natural sunlight.
Well this is not one of those posts!

We have a local Saturday market which I do frequent on my way to the coffee shop.  It is not full of heritage vegetables.  It is full of knock down fruit which is lucky to last more than a few days before going moldy.  I do get carried away sometimes, and once bought a shed load of strawberries to make jam.  Every box was half full of mold! 
There is, however, a wonderful French man (quite sexy too) with a trailer full of cheese and olives, a WI stall with home baked goodies and an amazing fish stall, so I shouldn't complain.

Last week while passing the fruit stall I was once again tempted, they had a pile of Seville oranges and I went a little bit Martha and bought a bag. On further inspection the fruit was perfect...hurrah! One week later and my house is full of marmalade!  (The floors are a bit sticky too.)
I used this recipe after a good friend recommended soaking the fruit overnight for the best taste.  The kidlets helped with squeezing and removing the insides, but to save time and hassle I whizzed up the peel in the food processor.

So just incase you may be in full marmalade season too, I have made a downloadable pdf for your jars of orangey goodness.  You can download it here.  Or right click on the picture below for a jpeg version which you can then reduce or enlarge depending on your jar size.  You can use the whole sticker or just cut out the middle using a circle punch.

Happy marmalading!

Ooh for me?

Mmm...don't mind if I do!


  1. What beautiful labels! Have you ever thought of branching out into graphic design? ;)
    I get through one jar a year, if I can find one at an honesty box - last year I bought some very good stuff in a church, so I might go back and see if they've got some more for sale.

  2. What a cute label! I love oranges from valencia, there is a very sweet type and it's very good for your skin and vit. C! Best regards from Barcelona,

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for some time now, I love your cakes :)
    I've made marmalade only once but it didn't turn out too well - too bitter...I might give this recipe a try, the soaking method sounds interesting.
    Cute label!

    Cristina - Positively Beauty

  4. Oh Natasha I would have loved that label but I made my marmalade a few weeks ago. Your jars are far more prettily finished I love the felt and ric-rac.
    Jo x

  5. Oh Oh Oh!!! I hope that I'm in line for a jar of that golden goodness. We are even colder and windier up here in the grey north......[sob story].
    It looks fantastic. Is this the new camera?

  6. Love the matching Pantone mug :) I'm waiting for payday to treat myself to one, to match my soon-to-be-new kitchen. Pale Blue please! xx