Friday 11 February 2011


This post will contain gratuitous scenes of book destruction!  Do not continue if you are of a sensitive nature.

Did you guess from my sneak peak the theme of this weeks party?
It's books!
I can't quite remember how we came upon this theme, as it was decided a year ago, pretty much as the last guests were leaving the Hello Kitty party.  But, it's a good theme, so we ran with it.
Big kidlet, as you may know loves to be involved with any craft project, especially if it's for a party.  So together we came up with this idea for an invitation.

When you were young did you have 'How To Be A Spy' books?  I remember, along side the 'using lemon juice as invisible ink' and what a 'drop' is, there was always a section on how to turn a book into a secret hiding place.  Of course anyone who is a spy now would know to look in a book immediately, having read the same manual as me! (My spy name is 00CAKE.)
So we decide to create a book within a book.  Big kidlet (BK) wrote a party themed story and drew the illustrations to go with them.

I photographed them (I don't have a scanner) and fiddled around on picnik, under her supervision to create a little book.

I cut them out and she glued them all together.  We cut out the holes in the proper books with a scalpel and glued the sides together.  Fortunately my measuring was spot on and the little books fitted snugly in their holes.

I took another picture of one of the blank pages from one of the books, they have a lovely aged quality, some more picniking and we had some tags.  BK was sooo excited giving them out and the party guests were quite impressed!

I shall hopefully have a post with the full party story soon when I have recovered, (probably about a months time then!)


  1. we are longing to see the results of this wonderful idea!Love it!

  2. Cute idea for young and "seasoned" book lovers.

  3. That looks super cute Natasha, can't wait to see the rest of your photo's, I'll be stalking you now lol Very clever party theme and invite idea, love it.
    For an adult version have a look at Giggleberry's blog where they created a library party for her sister's 30th


  4. What a clever idea!!! I can't wait to see more photos!!! I'm a book lover and I think you've made the "unloved" books into something that is very special!!! Now, it'll be "loved" lol!!!
    No seriously, I think thats a brilliant idea. Who wouldn't want one of these spy books. I wanted one, when I first saw Mission Impossible:)

  5. You are so clever and very creative in all you do!
    You have such a talent and I love looking through your beautiful blog!
    Nicky (Small Things Iced)