Friday 15 October 2010


  I hope you are ready for a lot of pictures of wedding cakes!

Last weekend Mr Lemon Drizzle and I were delighted to be guests at the most gorgeous wedding of some good friends. They had a Tentipi which was fabulous and arm in arm we danced the night away.

The happy couple asked me to make their cake which I loved making. The bride wanted it painted to match her flowers, which were lovely bold and autumny colours, there was also a butterfly theme going on.

They also wanted cupcakes as an alternative to a traditional desert,
so I made 5 flavours: 
Vanilla, Chocolate Mud, Apple and Blackberry, White Chocolate and Bailey's and Caramel.  
It was hard to get a good photo of them all nestling in the tent..sorry, Tentipi.

It was such a lovely day and the weather really was the icing on the cake!

This week I had a meeting at St Michaels Manor Hotel (a beautiful hotel in St Albans) about weddings so I made some samples to take along.

Sometimes I get asked about my inspiration.  Well I recieved a promotional card through the post from Cox and Cox with some cute birds on and I thought they would a perfect wedding motif.  As I was thinking about weddings I spent some time looking at gorgeous wedding blogs and found favours with this tag on (I think they had made jam can't remember the link).  So the two thoughts collided and I came up with this.

 These cupcakes were based on a plate I saw in Elle decoration.  I loved the mixture of line drawing and painted flowers. 

I thought they were unusual and I remember designing textiles in a similar manner years ago. 

This design is literally just out of my head, I wanted a soft romantic look.  I've made the picture look quite 80's now I think of it.  Do you remember 'Lace' the mini series?

 I also wanted to try out some other favours.

 And while this mini cake looks like it has been inspired by Twilight actually the original idea was sparked by one of my teatowels.

So there you have my new wedding portfolio.  Brides of Herfordshire watch out!

Now on another note remember last week Amelie's House celebrated it's birthday?  Well next week we will celebrate in style.  I have four fabulous guest bloggers lined up an amazing giveaway and at least one recipe.  So on Monday festivities will commence.
See you then!


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! Your work is just absolutely gorgeous. If you had a storefront, and it was in my neck of the world, I would hang out all day just admiring your edible artwork. Love, love, love it. :-)

  2. Everything is always so beautiful here..What talent:)

  3. My god woman, I LOVE your work! I honestly don't think I have ever seen such beautiful cakes as the ones I see here. Just gorgeous x

  4. Absolutely fantastic....cakes, photos and the ideas...stunning!

  5. Very beautiful¡¡¡¡
    Todo precioso¡¡ tienes un arte exquisito para pintar en fondant.
    Las galletas los cupcakes... perfecto. Todo con un toque de eleganci fascinante


  6. omg!!!! they are all sooo beautiful and elegant...
    you are soo talented.

  7. Great post!

    I adore that first cake, just stunning. all your work is beautiful

  8. So stunning! Love the way you paint.

  9. You know, I would PAY for a tutorial from you about painting on fondant. I also make specialty cakes and while I have my methods I suspect that you have some really great artist's tricks to share...I hope you consider putting together a tutorial because I bet a LOT of folks would be willing to buy it!