Tuesday 26 October 2010

HOLIDAY PROJECTS 2.Popcorn heads

 I saw this idea at Wee Wonderfuls who found it here.

 They look fab but I must admit it was one of those craft projects that I ended up doing.  The syrup mixture got quite hot and I didn't leave it long enough to cool down, so I burnt my hands.  The marshmallow glue was quite tricky to use, so I did that for them.  I think it would be more fun with older kidlets (mine are 4 and 6) but they enjoyed laying the sweets out and sticking them on. 

Actually they really enjoyed parceling them and labeling them to give to their friends.


  1. These look wonderful...Love the holiday projects such a great idea xx

  2. Please come & link to my Autumn Craft ideas, this is so cool. I love your blog http://www.muminthemadhouse.com/2010/10/autumn-craft-and-activity-ideas.html

  3. OMG! theses look amazing. My kind of cup cakes. I eat way to many sweeties!