Monday 25 October 2010


I thought I would try and post some quick and easy holiday projects for kidlets. If your mini-creatives are anything like mine they will have an insatiable appetite for projects. Sometimes I feel like I am running from one room (with a dustpan and brush) to another to keep up with them and their trail of creative destruction!
Anyway, here is project number one and, depending on the chaos the rest of the week will bring, it may yet be the last!
This is such an easy project and fairly quick so it limits the boredom and the enevitable "Mum can you finish it for me while I watch Pokemon?"  Plus, and never to be underestimated, there is glitter involved!
Send the kidlets off to search for small cheap plastic toys, hopefully that should fill a good half an hour! While they are doing that, dig out some old empty jars that still have their lids. 

Using superglue or the equivalent and glue the toy onto the lid, then leave to dry for 24 hrs. 

 Then have the kidlets sprinkle some glitter and sequins into the jar.  Fill it to the top with water.  

Run a ring of glue on the inside of the lid and screw it back on.  Leave the right way up for another 24 hrs to harden.
I found the snow globes worked best if the toy almost filled the jar.  If they were too small they became lost with the distortion when the water was in.

The kidlets also painted some of the lids with acyrlic paint and sprinkled on more glitter.  You can never have too much!

A great way to use up those annoying toys lying around!


  1. Love this idea, I think if you add a little glycerin to the water too it makes the glitter fall slower :-)

  2. I would love for you to link this one too. I love your blog

  3. GENIUS!!!! Will do today. If you would ever like to guest blog on my site that would be fabulous. next month i am doing lots of posts on gift ideas.

  4. What a cute idea for a kids toy! LOVE IT!