Sunday 5 May 2013

Themed cakes ahoy!

OK, I've probably given you the impression that I have been making lots of sailing cakes recently, which I haven't. I have just been through a few weeks of themed cakes, which was quite unusual, so I thought I would share them with you.

First up, is a cake for two people involved in the music industry, they wanted a cake to represent the Glastonbury festival. I have never been myself, so I got all the info from them as to what they wanted painted. The festival is notorious for being muddy ( the curse of the British weather) so we had lots of people in wellies. There are tents, the Glastonbury Tor and stone circle. Another funny aspect of the festival is the queue for the port-a-loos, so we added that along with some cows. I also incorporated bands names that were special and a picture of the lovely couple themselves. 

I was very surprised and excited to be listening to Radio 6 Music a few weeks ago when this cake was mentioned. I really enjoyed painting this cake as it was quite quirky, which I like!

Last year I painted a ski cake and never thought I would ever paint another one. Turns out that people like ski themed wedding cakes! Although, to be strictly accurate, the lovely groom is a snowboarder, so we added that to the mix. They requested edelweiss and an alpine martin to be included, as well as a cutout of them in their ski clothes.

Then a wedding cake for a really fun couple who had got married in Las Vegas, but were having a party in the UK to celebrate. 

We changed the Las Vegas sign to incorporate their names and the date of the wedding. They also asked for various famous hotels to be added.

Phew..can you see it was a busy few weeks and there were no flowery cakes!
The last one was for a lovely bride (I never met the groom, but I'm sure he was gorgeous too). They were both involved with the forces and were having a vintage WW2 themed wedding. I believe that they refreshments provided were all to be based on rations from the period (apart from the cake!). 

They provided me with a painting to go on the cake and the bride spent a year embroidering the ribbon to go around the cake...that was a responsibility that weighed heavily on my shoulders, not to lose or destroy it!



  1. Spectacular, as always! Your painting is absolutely exquisite. I'd love to be able to take one of your classes some day, and learn your tricks for such beautiful, clear color! Nikki from

  2. You make the MOST beautiful painted cakes..
    Too pretty to eat,,I would put it on the counter..let it dry,,and keep as an ornament:)

  3. Oh my god! The most beautiful hand painting cake I have ever seen, since I was born on 1980! Amazing work! Make me cry... -fanni from indonesia-