Wednesday 29 May 2013

Room for improvement #3

This is the last of my room for improvement posts. You may recall I am taking part in this competition run by Money I am crossing everything in the hope of winning £500 worth of B&Q vouchers so I can transform my living room.

This last little project is to finish of my bedroom sprucing. So far I have made a lampshade, created some artwork and finally I wanted to prettify my bedroom table. I cleared away everything from the top, just keeping my lamp. I dug out an old lace napkin that was probably my Nana's, so we can call it vintage. I added a little bowl from Anthropologie to keep rings and hair bands in (the last things I take off at night), as they are normally scattered all over the table. Then I made some little vases to keep posies in, to make my side of the room more girly.

When I say 'make' what I really mean is I wrapped some washi tape around a couple of jam jars. You really don't need step-by-step pictures for that!

So here is the before picture..

and then the finished result, much better, don't you think?

So this is how I spent my £50 as part of the Room For Improvement competition by Money
£12.99 Lampshade kit from ebay
£3.70 dye from my local craft shop
£4 bleached calico from my local craft shop
£4.75 Watercolour paper from (that's right) my local craft shop
£5.75 ink local craft shop again, they've done well from this challenge
£6 washi tape from Tiger
£12.99 a new cushion from Home Sense
Total £50.18

Sweet dreams!

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  1. Wow! Everything looks so great! And with such simple changes. beautiful!