Monday 16 July 2012

June's painting classes

I had two classes last week. A basic large cake class and a cupcake class, and I seemed to have managed to post pictures from both of them in less than a week. Don't faint in shock though, just read on....

The first class was a very international affair with lovely ladies from Turkey, Slovakia and Macedonia, as well as a great bunch from the UK. I was really touched to receive a lovely Turkish cloth as a present.

The class starts by painting on to fondant discs. Most people are beginners and feel very nervous, so I like to ease them in gently before I unveil the big cakes!
The students always enjoy the opportunity to chat to other cake makers about working in this business and comparing other courses they have been on.

Everyone was really pleased with their finished cake, as you can see here, by the beams on their faces.

The cupcake course was held in the town's Friend's Meeting house, which is a beautiful old building. The other picture is the table where I do my demonstrations, as you can see I am not a tidy worker.

This was a smaller class so it was nice for everyone to be able to sit at the same table. But you can see the concentration on their faces!

I hope I managed to get a picture of at least one cake from everybody, apologies if I missed you out.

Unfortunately I am not sure when my next classes will be, as I am waiting to hear about some projects that may happen for the second half of the year. You can subscribe here to my mailing list to be the first to know when the dates are announced. However, I am hoping to have an online tutorial for people to purchase soon. I am trying to gauge interest in this on my Facebook page. So if it's something you would consider buying please pop over and add your 'like' to the post


  1. Must be such a thrill for you to pass on your skills and see the happy results!

  2. I'm very glad to meet you and very happy to have the chance of learning some skills from you. Loves from Turkey...
    Bahar Erdem

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