Thursday 5 July 2012

The Berkhamsted Games cake!

This is a cake for The Berkhamsted Games, a fantastic event in my town organised by local people, including some Olympians.
There were over 2,500 school children involved. Each child got to compete in at least one event, and they all got ice cream and goodie bags to take home. There were stalls with refreshments for the adults, I sampled the paella, chocolate brownies and ice cream (why can't I shift that weight?). It was an amazing feat of organising and really brilliantly done, I only choked up a few times when all the children were singing the Olympian song and at the balloon release.
I was asked to provide a cake. So I referred back to an old favourite here. There were wrist bands made for townsfolk to purchase with mottos to convey the spirit of the Olympian games, Friendship, Equality, Respect, Courage, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration. I included these in the design, along with a winners podium, and then illustrations of some of the events. I was particularly pleased with the pole vaulter.

I decided to make an animated gif of the cake which was really easy using this online gif maker. It is my first ever it and could be better, but I am really pleased with it, and, myself!

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  1. I'm not surprised that you are pleased's absolutely wonderful...and do I recognise two of those "gif" children?!!!