Monday 12 September 2011

Happy National Cupcake Week!

I received a last minute commission at the weekend for some very special cupcakes.
Daybreak (a TV show in the UK) wanted to present some portrait cupcakes as part of National Cupcake week.
(Unfortunately if you don't live in the UK you will have no idea of who these people are! Sorry.)  

As one of the Daybreak presenters is appearing in Strictly Come Dancing they wanted a sparkly/blingy version of him, and then the two hosts, Brucie and Tess.
(Miss Cakehead had the perfect title; 'Nice to see you, to see you iced!')

The final one was of James Blunt which was harder to do as he has chopped his trade mark curls, so I gave them two versions and let them decide.

I thought you may also like to see some of my favourite cupcakes to help celebrate cupcake week.
Because you can never have too many cupcakes, can you?
What is your favourite cupcake flavour? I like apple of toffee and always chocolate!



  1. I love the Brucie one...brilliant!
    also my favourite quote from your days gone by....
    angels and wings and lots of flying!

  2. the Brucie cupcake is superb! I would love to see a Jason Donovan one!

  3. i love the cookies! and im sat here looking at one of your paintings around which it says "We are all angel with only one wind, and to fly we must embrace" and its my favourite description / painting of angels ever =)
    lots of love :-*