Friday 16 September 2011

Cakes for radio.

I had the pleasure of recording a radio programme last week with Nick Coffer (My Daddy Cooks) and Edd Kimber (The Boy Who Bakes).
Nick's show on Three Counties radio is a cooking show, but the one I am in was specially dedicated to baking.
He normally has a wine expert in also, but this week it was tea expert Damien Cauldwell from Halsey's Deli in Hitchen.
It was a lovely fun show to do and I was very lucky to be able to sample some of Edd's goodies made from recipes in his book, out now!.

I took some flapjack, you can find the recipe here, and a Victoria sponge which I filled with homemade blackberry jam. Nick requested that I paint it, so I came up with a pretty floral design.
You can listen to me on the show here at 12pm today.

I was also very privileged to be included in a fabulous article about alternative wedding cakes in this month's issue of Wedding Magasine.

Kat who wrote the article also writes the fabulous RocknRoll Bride blog.

I shall be back next week with more owly goodness!
Have a smashing weekend.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Another beautiful creation!!

  2. You have such a gifted way of making complex designs look effortless. Your painted creations totally amaze me!

  3. Beautiful, delicious, wonderful.

  4. I love all of your cakes! I noticed one thing that you did so perfect that I, as well as others, mess up on all the time and is always covered by a border. How in the world do you get the bottom of your cakes to look so perfect?

  5. Wonderful!! I'm listening to you at the moment on the radio. Didn't know about the mag.! Well done.
    Oh I'm mentioned!!! flapjack!

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