Sunday 26 September 2010

P.. P ...P ..P...PICK UP A PINATA!

Aha! Finally, the pinata tutorial I promised you!
I have found that even though pinatas aren't an English tradition, they are the highlight of my kidlets parties - and to be honest, which child doesn't enjoy hitting things with a big stick?
They are really easy to make, although they can be time-consuming...but my kidlets love to be involved in party preparation and this is a great project
for them to help with.

 Little fingers are good for this fiddly job!

While we had the paper mache paste out the kidlets decided to do some junk modeling aswell.  So they created some amazing robots!

Here are my handy tips for surviving a papermache session;
1; Always use a pvc table cloth, this has become invaluable to me during our crafing sessions.
2; And this is a big one if you don't have kidlets yet or have babies and are considering investing in new flooring ALWAYS get lino or wood NOT EVER carpet.
This is a small section of the room after the kidlets had started!

Sorry it's so out of focus but I was just contemplating the clean up!
Anyway have fun making and if you do make some I'd love to see the pics.

P.S Thanks to Anon for the title after I couldn't come up with anything pithy or witty!  Or maybe it should read P...P..Papermache a Pinata.


  1. I adore this pinata,it's so original ! You give me an excellent idea for my children next birthday parties !

  2. Thanks for this tutorial, very nice pinata !

  3. Our daughter made something similar on Easter. It was also with a balloon and turned out to be a paper mache egg. This pinata idea is excellent. Thanks for stopping by.