Friday 17 September 2010


On Sunday I have been invited to take part in a radio show to help celebrate Cupcake week.
 The host is Nick Coffer who is a keen blogger, check out My Daddy Cooks where he videos himself and his adorable little boy Archie cooking together.

 Anyway I have to bring a recipe so I thought apple and blackberry would be nice and seasonal.

I took a trial batch today twhen I visited the fabulous Gretel, my old friend from university.  We haven't seen each other for nearly twenty years but she hasn't changed! 

I will try and post a link so you can listen again if you wanted too!  And you do need to tune in to BBC Three Counties Radio if you want the recipe!


  1. Ooh, they look and sound delicious! Very seasonal..

  2. A good choice of recipe my love!!

  3. (Thank you not posting pictures of me flat on my fat tummy taking photos of tiny todastools!) Andy came upstairs barely able to speak because he was gorging on your lovely blackberry cupcakes, (sadly for him I am not even going to attempt to reproduce such wonders) - I shall try to tune in tomorrow to hear you, good luck - you'll be great! x

  4. Just popped over from Gretel's where I was drooling over your delicious creations. Although those cakes are too scrumptious looking for words I am also drooling over the fabric beneath them ;-)

  5. Te han quedado beautiful

    Soy una seguidore tuya.
    Besitos Luisa

  6. I love all things blackberry and apple and cakes even more how wonderful to combine in a cupcake they look divine.