Monday 10 November 2014

Scrapbook wedding cake

I was asked to create a cake by Brides Magazine to be part of a competition. The lucky couple will win a wedding cake in a design of their choice made by yours truly.
To advertise the competition I was asked to create a cake jam packed with details and illustrations. So I imagined the type of bride who loves Pinterest, and has a wedding scrapbook. Someone who has lots and lots of ideas about the details of the big day...

From the car to the buttonholes to the church.

I even added a cake!

I wanted the back and the sides of the cake to contain just as much detail as the front.

I topped the cake off with my imaginary bride and groom.


  1. It looks amazing! Surely the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen!
    Did you already make a post with some "how to" on painting cakes with food colouring ? I would love to give it a try :)

    1. Thanks Mijn, I have a couple of posts with painting projects
      If you want to do something more floral. I have an online tutorial
      And I will have a book out next year with lots of projects