Tuesday 24 June 2014

Happy Holidays

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Happy Holidays

I know that it has been a little bit quiet here at Amelie's house. It's wedding season so I have been whipping up wedding cakes in a fog of icing sugar. And before I launched into full steam cake mode Mr Lemon Drizzle and I took our kidlets to the US for a couple of weeks holiday. We started in Boston, then moved on to Cape Cod finishing up in New York. It was blissful and I have spent the weeks since a bit depressed that I can't spend my time swanning around the world drinking cocktails and eating ice cream.
Remember the days before Facebook when you would visit friends or family and they would force you to sit and watch slide shows of their holiday snaps? Well this is the blogging equivalent! To be fair I did take millions of pictures and I am only showing you a teeny tiny portion of them, including a very fetching one of me looking wistful on the beach! 

We went whale watching off Provincetown in Cape Cod. Apparently it is a really great year for spotting whales, we saw over twenty including this calf playing around and jumping (breaching) in and out of the water.
I hope that you enjoy my snaps of the US.
And here is an instagram of a few of my souvenirs.


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  1. You did visit all over didn't you. I recognised the Flatiron Building. Love those flower spoons too.