Wednesday 2 October 2013

Cowgirl party invites

A few weeks ago, my littlest one turned seven (not so little any more!) As ever, her party planning began the minute last years' guests had left the house. Initially she asked for a lemur party (it's the latest obsession) but fortunately I managed to talk her out of it and into a cowgirl party..yee haw! So obviously we had to create some cowgirl themed invitations.
I thought I would share with you what we did. I haven't made a tutorial, as as they are sooo easy to make it would be insulting your intelligence; so instead of a how-to, this is more a 'how-I-did-it!'

To begin with the eldest kidlet (under strict instructions from her sister) drew a picture to go into the invitations. As you can see, the lemurs did manage to make an appearance, but I am led to believe that they are 'actually a very authentic addition to a cowgirl party!' I scanned and printed out the picture. The littlest kidlet wrote out a personal invitation to each of her friends on the back of the pictures. But as some of the writing was quite eligible I also made a printed version.

I bought neckerchiefs for each of the party guest (the colours were carefully chosen by the kidlets to suit each friend). You can find them in a myriad of colours for about £1 each on eBay. I placed the kidlet's invitation in the centre of the scarf and folded it around the paper (like an envelope.)

I then laid the printed invite on top of the scarf and wrapped it altogether with baker twine. (You can find some excellent cowgirl/boy themed fonts here which are free to download for non-commercial purposes.)

And that was it, Easy as pie campfire beans! 
I will be back soon with pictures of the actual party.

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