Thursday 11 April 2013

Celebrating everyday life

Some time ago I received a request to be involved in a very exciting project. Jennifer Carroll
is a blogger and online magasine editor and she wanted to create her first print version. She asked if I would like to participate and I jumped at the chance. She hooked me up with Sussie Bell a really fabulous photographer in the UK who came to take the pictures. We had a lovely day playing and Sussie came up with some really gorgeous shots. Anyway the magasine is now available...yeah!

Here is the info Jennifer has sent to me:

The magazine is 206 pages in length and is available digitally for the iPad in the Apple Store for $5.99 for a single issue, $12 for a 6 month subscription (which is 3 issues), or $22 for a 12 month subscription (which is 6 issues). The 12 month subscription brings the price per issue down to $3.67 each which is obviously the best value!

At this time we only offer iPad versions and a "Collector's Edition" print version. Online ordering for the print edition will be available a little later this week. The price for the print version is $44.99 each. 

An Android version is in the works for other tablets (like the Nook, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, etc...) and I hope to be offering this by the time of our July/August release.

You can get a sneak preview or make your purchase of the magasine here.


  1. wonderful pics...Mary and Helen would be over proud!!

  2. Wow 1 word: Awesome!
    I'm a big fan of your work. you make such awesome cakes. Wonderfull!
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  3. Thank you so much Natasha for being part of my new magazine!! I'm so honored to feature your amazing cakes!! We've just gotten an web-based version available for non-iPad users here:
    Thank you again!!! Your cakes are simply stunning!!!
    ~Hugs, Jennifer