Thursday 21 March 2013

My week in Instagram

Hello! Well it's been quite the week, and I'm still playing catch up I'm afraid.
I haven't been making many cakes recently although I have made some dummies for a few fabulous photo-shoots that I can't wait to share with you..but not yet. So I thought I would piece together my week for you by looking through my Instagram feed.
I ahve been making hideous ashtray cakes (for a hen party) Mayan cookies (I made a mold and was very proud of myself!)
Last Thursday I flew to Madrid for my first stint of international teaching. I was so fortunate to be working at Alma's cupcake school, she is adorable, as were all the students. 
Then late home on Sunday to a lovely banner.
Finally I was involved in Tate and Lyles Tasting House, putting it all together with a cast of thousands and then demonstrating my painting technique.
Phew! Tomorrow I'm back to Peggy Porschens Academy for a wedding favour course, and then straight into wedding season.
I'm stocking up on vitamins and red bull!

You can follow my adventures on Instagram here.


  1. What a lovely and packed week ! (I was honored to meet you at the 8 March class at Pretty Witty ).
    The seashell cookies are beautiful!
    Wishing you a nice, well-rested weekend.

  2. wow - you deserve a very large oreo cookie Baileys milkshake! xx

  3. Those cookies were delicious. Thank you for the ones you made for my girls: they adored them.