Tuesday 12 February 2013

Gingerbread bird house

I know that this post is loooong overdue, but better late than never!
This is the gingerbread house I made for my parents this Christmas.
I try to make a few every year as presents, but I was so busy that this was the only one I managed. My nieces got their's in bits, with instructions on how to make it themselves!

(ps the fabulous painting in the background is by my hugely talented Aunt)

As many people who know me can testify, I am a little bit obsessed with gold spray, and, as I hadn't used it on a gingerbread house yet, I thought that this was the time!
I added some love birds as my parents are still very much in love even after many, many years of marriage!

Hopefully this year I'll find time to make more gingerbread houses.


  1. This is one of your best ever! I love it so much - it has your trademark gentle pastel colours. Too good to eat this one!

  2. still cannot bear to eat it...and the table is by Ben....just to keep the family in the loop!!!