Friday 8 June 2012

Kerrang 2012

 I was very excited to be involved in a dessert table for the Kerrang! awards again. (You can see last years here).  This year there was a Royal theme, with a medieval banquet vibe. As I only had one free day to make goodies we had to get lots of other talented cake makers involved. I only made the fish cookies, but was the art director and food stylist.
The chicken feet cake pops are from Lou Lou P's Delights.
The Conjurer's Kitchen made cake filled green eggs, marzipan fingers, arrow pierced hearts, and a magnificent roasted swan cake.
Cake for Breakfast made chocolate slugs and a chocolate frog complete with frog spawn.
The chrystalised flowers were from Eat My Flowers. I had asked especially for not perfect flowers as it was Kerrang, so I would like to point out they are normally perfectly beautiful.


  1. Amazing originality being shown here.... Much as the marzipan fingers made me want to "heave", they are somehow compellingly wonderful - especially the one with the really cracked nail. However, my favourites have to be the snails.

  2. Ha, these look so good! That swan, oh my goodness it is so life like, amazing!