Monday 2 April 2012

Painting classes

I have had two really lovely groups of ladies for my latest classes (but then my students are always lovely!) 
Both classes were the Basic Rose Class, where the students paint cupcake toppers and an 8" dummy cake.
Even though the majority of my pupils are beginners they are all amazed with their results.

I love reference and cannot have a magazine in my house without tearing half the sheets out! I always share my file with the students.

Last Saturday I had a student who has attended many classes and declared Nevie-Pie Cakes provided the best lunch! I can't lay claim to the sandwiches and savouries but I do always make my family-recipe flapjack and Martha's choc chunk cookies.

There is alot of concentration during the classes!

As you can see both classes were rightly very proud of their efforts.

I have just introduced a new cupcake class and a new venue in the North-West of the UK. You can look at my website here for class details, and you can subscribe here to be on the mailing list. Grab your place while you can!

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  1. This is great! I think I want to try this someday!