Friday 6 January 2012

Cakes that time forgot 2

OK, I'm lying, the first two are from December but the third is from the summer (doesn't that seem soo long ago?)

This was for a lady who loves to buy handbags but they have to have a long strap! I really enjoyed this as I was given free reign (apart from the strap specifications). I used a limited palate which I was really pleased with.

The next is a new version of an old favourite for a 60th birthday. The lucky ladies daughter was eight months pregnant, but still made a two hour round trip to pick the cake up, I'm always so flattered when people go the extra mile for one of my cakes. (I know that in larger countries this is like a trip to the park but I find it hard to go the 5 minutes into town for a packet of biscuits!)

And finally a commission from Miss Cakehead, for the lady who owns Prangsta, a fabulous costumiers. Her studio is covered with vintage fabrics and amazing costumes. So it needed to reflect that, I was especially pleased with the pin cushion!


  1. I l-o-v-e the painting on the top cake - the muted palette is beautiful. Really looking forward to the class tomorrow! (I'm Georgiana, by the way.)

  2. These are beautiful! I looked through a lot of your cake posts and I'm amazed. Do you also watercolor? What do you paint on the fondant with? It wouldn't be actual paint, right? Because then it may not be safe to eat... If I lived near you, I would come to one of your classes in a heart beat!!