Monday 21 November 2011

Painting in Selfridges

I was in Selfridges again last week personalizing Christmas cakes, which was great fun. It's lovely meeting lots of interesting people and having great chats.

 It was also massively exciting to see all my products in their own display, and I even amazed myself.

Here is my little painting station.

And here is the sign they had made for me, which I thought was hilarious! Last time I was 'internationally renowned', and I'll be disappointed if I'm not an 'interstellar paint artist' the next time I visit.
I shall be doing my last painting session on December 1st in the evening from 5pm-8pm. If you are around please pop in and say hello.


  1. Such a shame I don't live in GB - I would pop in for sure! This looks so inviting :-D

  2. :) Beaming with pride here! I'd come if I were any nearer - but I'd have to fight my way through the crowd! Looks fantastic, your display. (Where is the photo of the artist in action?)

  3. I'm thinking that a stall on Venus might be a good thing? what say you?....oh you've got one already! love love it!

  4. Natasha, I found your site quite by accident a few months back and I absolutely love what you do. I like to paint on cakes as well. Great work and Happy New Year and much success.
    Heather Keogh