Wednesday 11 August 2010


Hi there!  I'm back again after a lovely week away at my parents house in Morcambe

We are very excited in the house because there is a birthday soon!  With cake and balloons and games and a pinata.
Of course we are making our pinata so I thought I'd find some inspiration.

First up are these beautiful ones from Confetti System.
 They are probaly not quite right for a kidlets party but there are other parties on my radar!

 This is also not right for a kidlets party but I think it's funny.  Found via Geekologie

Now these are more child friendly, how cute are they?  From Craig Adams.

And how adorable is this matryoshka doll from Birchangel Custom Pinatas?  Check out her Etsy shop it's full of gorgeous pinatas if you don't fancy making one yourself.

It's easy to get carried away with pretty things, so here is one for the boys with instructions from here.

And just to finish here is the pinata I made for big kidlets birthday earlier on in the year

I shall be posting a pinata tutorial at some point but school hols are really slowing me down!

ps the title of this post is a bit strange,  I was trying to think of something smart to say about pinatas begining with 'p' but couldn't come up with anything (holiday brain) have you got any ideas?


  1. What a fun selection of pinatas! Love the bum!

  2. We know which one we would like for our party but we suppose it had better be more like the pink russian doll for that particular kidlet!!
    G. and K.

  3. ~makes me want to have a know i never had a pinata growing up...may have to come up with a reason to celebrate all for the sake of these adorable finds...i l♥ve the matryoshka goodness is she ever so sweet...thank you for sharing and stirring our minds...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. your pinata is fab! Can't wait to see the tutorial - I know what you mean about holiday brain - mine is exactly the same.

  5. How about p...p...p...pick up a pinata!!