Wednesday 26 May 2010


 This is Syd.  

He was my Grandad.

These are some facts about Syd;

He liked to dance.
He wore pink polyester shirts.
He loved gardening.

 He became outraged if he had to spend more than 50p on a cup of tea.
He watched Bullseye.

This is not a blog about Syd.

This is a blog about Syd Special.

My family would always have an Easter break in the Lake District, and we would go to a cafe at Skelwith Bridge as a treat.  This is where we partook of Syd Special for the first time. 

 A chocolatey treat but with a healthy(ish) edge. Fortunately the cafe sold recipe books so we could recreate SS at home. 

It is also known as Chocolate fudge, but my brother and I thought it was hilarious that a.. well it's not really a cake or a biscuit, is it a tray bake? was named after our Grandad (it wasn't of course there must have been another Syd lurking about!)

  I have tweaked the recipe a little and feel free to use any cereal you want.  I'm sure my Mum used to make it with Shredded Wheat.

Enjoy with a cheap cup of tea!


  1. Oh my oh my he wouldn't know where to turn, Syd Special can keep a family together!!

  2. What a professional blog for a start, and one that nearly had me crying with laughter! thankyou.

  3. Note from Dad, I think that there is a slight mistake, Syd tried not to spend more than 40p for a cup of tea which would hopefully include biscuits or cake.

  4. Fantastic post, Syd certainly had a twinkle in his eye :)
    Twiggy x

  5. mmmmmmmmmmm! syd special! my mouth is watering!!! hope you all had a good holiday! <3 xxx <3 xxx

  6. This so great and I love Skelwith Bridge! Definitely one to try with Rice Crispies maybe? My Mum made a fantastic Rice Crispie thing with melted toffee and melted marshmallows...I must find the recipe - after I've made a Syd Special that is...

  7. awww, what a wonderful blog post, the SS is priceless :o)

  8. what a great post....I think I'm going to recreate Syd's special at my own home :)
    it sounds sooooo mouthwatering.

  9. a very heartwarming post and Syd's special looks yummy!

  10. Ahh Syd and his Special look and sound lovely :)
    Morwenna xo

  11. What a great blog post - great read. :)

  12. Ummm yumm, i heart Syd! I'm all for the 50p cup of tea too!

    P.s where is the craft shop in Hemel? I know patchwork corner, am i missing another (shock horror!)?

  13. the cake looks delicious. i like your blog. wish i knew my grandfather.

  14. As I was always and will be a Grandaddy's girl I am in love with this post!! Wish both of them were stlll with us.
    Syd looks like he was a lovely chap and I think my Grandad would have agreed with him on the tea.

  15. What a gorgeous post! Syd looks like a lovely twinkly man ! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  16. how much cocoa goes in the base? I'm guessing half a cup from the photo?

  17. Oh sorry forgot to add the cocoa. Yes it's half a cup.

  18. Awe what a lovely post about your Grandad. Lovely china cups too.