Monday 26 April 2010


Grrrrr... you're a're a're a winner!!!
This is my inner voice as I attempt another batch of macarons (see here for my macaron history).  I've returned to Nigella's recipe, but I aged my egg whites and then let the macarons form a skin.
I would give them a seven out of ten, but I was very excited as that is my best score so far!

My Mother-in-Law was visiting for the day so I took the opportunity to try my hand at a new dessert, zabaglione.
  I also impressed myself with how this turned out.  Oooh look at me all pleased with myself!

But the macaron war is not yet over until I can achieve shape, texture and glossy shine as well, no I'm not talking about my hair.
Go on tiger!


  1. They look fantastic!!I have never even attempted them!

  2. you can do it and you know that you can so go girl!

  3. If anyone can - you can! Go! :)
    I always wanted to try making macaroons (I saved the following link back in 2007) but I heard so many horror stories, I'm almost scared to start my first attempt. :)

    Have you seen/tried this?

  4. well done! we knew you could do it!

  5. ooooh, they look delicious! Well done, we all knew you could conquer this! x

  6. In my house these are know as pacamoons as Grace has never been able to say macaroons and I have never been able to make the beautiful french variety but yours look great! And am a big fan of zabaglione yummm!

  7. Love the fact that you are persevering with these cakes/biscuits. I must admit to have never even tasted one before *hangs head in shame*

    You keep at it! :)