Thursday 24 December 2009


A very happy Christmas to you all! 
Thankyou for taking time to look at my blog, I hope that you have enjoyed it and thankyou for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them.
I will be back soon but for now enjoy your holidays and these festive cakes I made especially for you!


  1. I have failed to do the obligatory self designed artist card this year, so I'm doing a New Years card instead, which you'll be getting sometime...I am just decorating our little tree, and it smells sweetly of your beautiful gingerbread people. Have a lovely Christmas - hope you don't get woken up too early!

  2. You make the most beautiful cakes and cup cakes. I got to your blog my chance and am so glad cos I just love looking at your master pieces. One of my new year's resolutions is to bake properly and for a person whose cakes are always uncooked in the centres or does not rise, it will be an achievement. Wish me luck!!