Wednesday 25 November 2009


I did a fair last week and wanted to create some Autumny cakes for boys.  So of course I had to go with chocolate!  I covered the cakes with chocolate buttercream and then sprinkled the tops with crushed Orio cookies.  I had made some sugar paste worms, stones and Autumn leaves which I used as decoration.
Typically my first sale of these cakes was to a girl!  I maybe need to go even more gruesome for the boys.

I have just discovered the joys of picnik which is a great way to retouch and create fun images with your pictures. I actually did my degree in Graphic Design but in my first year we had to do everything by hand as Macs were only just starting to be used.  Then in my second year I specialised in illustration and then I worked for twelve years as a textile designer spending all day painting so I really feel I lost my way a bit with computors.  But there are so many great (and free) apps out there that even I find easy to use.  Let me know any of the good ones you have found.


  1. We had these for my daughters birthday cake along with some of your ladybirds, she was so excited to have your cakes for her birthday. Girls can be gruesome too you know :)

  2. Yes my two certainly can be, I can't go into details as it would actually make me sick!