Wednesday 20 June 2012

Salad of the day

I had a lovely morning shooting a feature for Beaten & Creamed (a new baking magazine coming soon), with Rebecca Fennell. I had some edible flowers left over so I decided to make a salad with them. 

I read in a medical manual (OK, it was Pinterest) that mixing avocado and orange together is good for weight loss around the middle. I may, or may not, desperately need to do this!

I also added pumpkin seeds and cherry tomatoes for good measure.

It tasted of health and slim tummies!
(And for pudding? A large slice of cake)


  1. I'm already in the queue at sainsburys with avocado and orange in hand...

  2. Gorgeous! Love edible flowers! Almost too pretty to eat!

  3. That salad just shouts 'Summer'!!! Lovely, colourful, and healthy and most importantly, leaves room for the best bit, the cake! Have a lovely day xxx

  4. This looks (and for sure, tastes!) absolutely fabulous!